Set-Up Row, Forward Pass (FwdP), Return Pass (RetP)

Each Tunisian crochet row is worked in two stages: the forward pass (FwdP) and the return pass (RetP). In the forward pass loops are picked onto the hook from the row below and in the return pass they are worked off the hook or “closed”.

To start any piece you will need to set up your work and create a base row. It is worked in two stages too.

Firstly, make a base chain consisting of the required number of stitches less 1. So, if, for example, you need to create a row of 10 stitches, you will only need to chain 9, since the loop on the hook is counted as the first stitch:


Work Forward Pass:

Turn your chain around to expose the back ridges (bumps behind each chain). Starting from the first ridge from the hook, pick up loops in each of the chains:


As you see, working in the back ridge of each chain, rather than the front loop, will create a nice line of “V’s” at the bottom edge:


Work Return Pass:

Yarn over and pull through ONE loop (i.e. simply chain 1) to work off the very first loop on the hook:


Yarn over and pull through TWO loops on the hook to work off the next loop:


Continue yarning over and pulling though TWO loops for the rest of the loops. Set-up row complete: