Grey Outfit

Grey is the New Black

“What’s your favourite colour?” is a question I am asked frequently and one I always get tripped up by producing flavourless answers, something along the lines “it depends”. As truth be told, I don’t really have a favourite colour.

I remember liking black. Not sure that was so much prompted by the mysterious magnetism of this colour, as by the fact that it was the most practical choice for the humble wardrobe of a young lady coming of age in the post-breakup Soviet Union.
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Dear Single Crochet

Dear Single Crochet,

Ever since I graduated from making baby booties and moved to “grown-up” crochet design, I completely forgot you. Seduced by the exotic and trendy world of Tunisian crochet, I found you too simple, and not in the classy Tunisian simple stitch kind of way. You were too fat, too unrefined, too uncool. I thought you were not worthy of my time and I was a mean designer for never considering you.
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25 Random Facts About Me

As I was tidying up my website and fiddling with my “About” page, I kept coming up with stuff that was neither quite crochet- or designing- related. So it occurred to me to put it all (and then some) in a separate post and share it with you here, along with an announcement of my birthday sale on Ravelry.

Here are 25 random facts about me which did not make it to my about page. Some are cute, some are downright weird. But I guess they are what makes me me. (The coupon is at the bottom of this post in case you don’t make it through all 25!)
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