My (Very) Personal Designer Challenge

I remember looking nice. Setting my alarm clock to wake me up exactly two hours before I needed to leave to make sure I had enough time to perform all of my dressing and make-up rituals. Walking out of the door in high heels and a cloud of perfume. Knowing I look fabulous!

Well, times have changed. The past ten years have done a serious number on my “style”, metamorphosing it into what some people may refer to as “casual”, but what I prefer to call “frumpy”.

Today, a few years down the line and a few extra inches around my waist, in my current circles, I am mostly known as “Liza Mar’s mum”, and this job comes with a dozen of t-shirts, a pair of old jeans, and a modest collection of excessively comfortable shoes. I have prioritised comfort over style and became, well, “mumsy”.

Have I really turned into the standard cliché of a dowdy stay-at-home mum: a ponytail, hiding messy hair, shapeless jeans, sensible shoes and no makeup? Would I one day consider a dressing gown and furry pink slippers a perfectly appropriate attire for taking my daughter to school?

It’s time to up my game and to rethink my style. I want to stop looking like someone who just crawled out of bed, grabbed another t-shirt, brushed her hair backwards and never looked backed in the mirror. I want that feeling of looking fabulous back!

My personal challenge for the next few months is to edge myself out of my comfort zone and put together a lean and mean wardrobe. Functional, trendy and reflecting who I am today. And the most exciting part is that, being a confident crocheter, I can MAKE my clothes!

Piece by piece over the next few months, I want to add handmade, one of a kind crochet garment pieces to my wardrobe to make it truly unique and special. After all, I am a crochet designer, so why not put my skills to good use?!

I will try to do my best to document my progress in this blog and see where it takes me. Feel free to read on or comment, if you have any tips or ideas, or simply feel identified with my style crisis. A nice company is always welcome!


12 thoughts on “My (Very) Personal Designer Challenge

  1. Well, it’s a challenge I will enjoy following, perhaps in more ways than one. 😉

    Do you have any idea what your starting point will be?

    1. I am so looking forward to having your company here! 🙂
      My starting point will be to go through the contents of my wardrobe and assess the gravity of the situation. (I even got some pretty new hangers to motivate myself!)

    1. That link looks brilliant! Exactly what I need! Thanks so much, Veronika! I appreciate your company! 🙂

  2. I am on a similar journey for myself. I’ve been slowly adding handmade pieces for myself and my children. It’s a work in progress, but I have to admit… I adore wearing pieces that I have made. It’s really gratifying.

    I’m looking forward to sharing your journey.

  3. Mom to mom, I know how you feel. As a mom, I sometimes feel frumpy or like I have the “mommy look” instead of the “yummy mummy” look…and that’s when I go through my closet. In the last few years, I have been cleaning out my closet seasonally and if it doesn’t make me feel sexy or if I haven’t worn it in the last season, it is gone. My wardrobe is not huge but what I do have makes me feel amazing, even my frumpy jeans. My homemade pieces are my favourites, unfortunately they are mostly in my summer wardrobe, I need to beef up my winter homemades 🙂

    1. My wardrobe is not huge but what I do have makes me feel amazing – couldn’t agree more! It really doesn’t have to be big, only special!

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