My Wardrobe Analysis and Favourite Clothing Category

My wardrobe had been suffering some serious neglect, so, true to my personal campaign to spruce up my style, I did a bit of a long overdue clothing stocktaking this week.

Following the action plan suggested by the Wardrobe Architect (thanks for the link, Veronika!), I started by taking everything out and arranging it into three piles: “yes”, “maybe” and “no”. As I held each item, I questioned myself: Do I wear it? Does it make me feel good/look good? Does it have any sentimental value?

I was firm and sentenced to the “no” pile  all items which I did not wear in the past year or which did not make me happy/nostalgic, while ignoring any inner appeals to hold on to them. I live in a very limited space, so being ruthless with clutter is an absolute necessity, which is probably why very few items ended up in the “maybe” pile. If my unwanted stuff can go somewhere better and more useful, then it should.

All “yes” items went back into the wardrobe (on new MATCHING hangers!) and arranged into the following major categories:

The Good Old Jeans

These are indeed my daily uniform, which, apparently, is something characteristic for many of the generation X people. I will also admit to keeping a size 6 pair of jeans (US size 2?), which I used to wear before my daughter was born (well, I am talking more than 10 years ago!). Although I can no longer fit into them, they are a physical proof of my being skinny once upon a time, and I like holding on to that memory.

The Trusty Chinos

These step in when the weather is simply too hot for the good old jeans, and they have so far been pretty good summer substitutes for my uniform.

The Sure Bet T-Shirts

The very foundation of my comfort zone. Practical and down-to-earth. A small number of thin V-neck jumpers were assigned to this category since they, basically, fulfill the same purpose as long-sleeve T-shirts during colder seasons.

The No-Nonsense Shirts

These have some structure and I like wearing them because they stop me from looking like a slob by giving some definition to my somewhat roundish shoulders. They also can give a bit of sophistication to jumpers, when worn underneath.

The Sidekick Cami Tops

While I don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless tops on their own, cami tops do come in handy when the shirt is a bit too sheer or the neckline is a tad too low, so, effectively, they are just another form of underwear.

The (Nothing) Special Occasion Wear

A very short list here: a suit I got for a job interview many years ago and a pair of smart trousers I recently acquired with a view to wear them to a wedding party.

Nothing too exciting so far, as you can see. Mere basics. Practical and useful. And boring. Also quite disposable, waiting for its turn to be sentenced to the “no” pile.

The last category on the list, however, is by far my most favourite:

The Treasured Handmades


These include my wardrobe stars I crocheted myself for myself:




There is so much pride in wearing something you have created from a ball of yarn. Something that will last and will always feel special. I think it would be fun to add a few more items in this category and to splash some more paint on the blank canvas of my wardrobe. (I have got two more pieces in the works, but more on those later!)

In the meantime, what is your favourite wardrobe category?

7 thoughts on “My Wardrobe Analysis and Favourite Clothing Category

  1. Wow! I’m very impressed with the way you have already embraced your project! The categories you list are very interesting: they reveal so many aspects of personality. 🙂
    If I were to list categories, I would have your list (minus the camis), with the adding of dresses, skirts and tights! 😉 But I think my favourite one would definitely have to be shawls… Which I also have to plough through and gift to my friends, for the ones that don’t make back into the wardrobe (yes, shawls are not mere accessories: they are clothing!!!!!!). 🙂

    1. Dresses and skirts are a huge gap in my wardrobe and at the moment. Can you believe, I don’t have a single one?! I’ll set that as one of the challenges!

      As for shawls, those deserve a separate post – I just have way too many!! Sounds like they are your signature category?

      1. Dresses and skirts… It’s a shame you’re so far away, because I’d be quite happy to donate some to you. I have so many, I’m sure you’d find something you like.
        Shawls are just the essence of my dressing: in winter, I choose the shawl and then I choose what I’m going to wear with it! And your Autumn Waltz is very often my center piece! 😉

        1. I see now how shawls are clothing for you! If they are the starting point for putting together an outfit, then they certainly are!

          This is a very interesting topic though: what do you start with when putting together an outfit and one I am making a mental note about! 😉

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