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With my first ever pattern uploaded in July 2011, I have now been selling my patterns for over 5 years and, boy, has it been an amazing experience – from seeing the ever growing array of your fabulous creations pop up on Ravelry, to being interviewed in craft blogs, to having my pattern featured in a popular magazine.

Along with the fun, there have been some lessons too, including the fact that there are only so many hours in a day and some of them need to be spent in bed whether I like it or not, that the gate of my daughter’s school closes at 8:45 sharp no matter what, and that sitting in front of a computer for most of the day and continuous snacking will somehow make my clothes shrink.

Another major thing that became apparent is that as my patterns increased in complexity and size, so did my costs. Crochet garments, which right now are the main area of my designing interest, are a different animal to accessories and require another level of investment in yarn, pattern production time, tech-editing, computer costs, customer support, etc.  So after a very long deliberation, I had to make a hard decision to raise prices of my future patterns (my old pattern will remain as they are for now).

I will, however, continue to offer special deals to my dear subscribers here at and at Cup of Stitches. So if you are interested in my patterns and don’t want to miss any of my offers, feel free to subscribe either to this blog or to our Cup of Stitches newsletter (or both!). I will make sure to give you a heads-up.

On a more positive note, I am back from my month-long trip and will be getting my long-overdue Summer 2016 patterns out the door this week.

Coming soon, my two new designs:

front page jolie

front page gamine

2 thoughts on “Note about Pricing and Coming Soon

  1. It is only normal that your work should be retributed accordingly to all the time and effort you put into it + all the costs attached to developping such incredible designs… I think everybody will understand that. I’ve treated myself to your latest patterns and I can’t wait to make a start!!! Just need to decide on which yarn to use, now. 🙂

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