Now LIVE: Jolie and Gamine

Although hopelessly late, but, hopefully, fashionably so, Jolie and Gamine, the patterns for the two garments I have recently added to my wardrobe, are  finally out! They are available both as individual downloads and as a bundle (a Ravelry ebook, called “Summer 2016”, which I probably should have called “better later than never”).

As mentioned in my earlier post I have made the decision to raise prices of my patterns starting with these two. However, I am offering all as well as Cup of Stitches insiders an opportunity to buy these patterns at the old prices of £5 for each individual garment pattern and £7 for the two-pattern bundle, instead of the new prices of £7 and £10 respectively (all prices are before VAT).

If you are interested in adding these garments to your wardrobe and would like to purchase either of the patterns (Jolie OR Gamine) or both (Summer 2016 ebook), feel free to enter INSIDER coupon code at the checkout and your total will be adjusted accordingly. This code will be valid until the end of Sunday, 11 September 2016 (GMT).




front page gamine


front page jolie

If you want to read more about these designs, click on Summer 2016 tag below this post to follow the story.

Happy crocheting!

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