Showcase Your Wearable Crochet with #streetstylecrochet!

When it comes to social media, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, my approach so far has been fairly passive. First of all, my life is not exactly “Instagrammable” and I am not sure what aspects of it would be interesting to the general public. I don’t have pets, my lunches are usually boring, and my kid’s drawings are not quite of the National Gallery standard. So, apart from occasional blog updates and pattern publication announcements, my social media “feed” has been anything but yummy.

I am, however, nosy and I lurk. I choose to observe quietly instead. Specifically, I love seeing what other people wear and how they put together an outfit. So when I go on social media, such as, say, Instagram, I like snooping around to see what crochet wearables other people make and, most importantly, how they wear them when they are out and about.

I have got to say, however, that those are not easy to find, and only a small proportion of crochet I see under generic hashtags like #crochetfashion, #crochetwardrobe, #crochetclothing is of crochet wearables being worn by adult people in places other than the beach. Where is all that beautiful wearable crochet I see made on Ravelry? Wouldn’t it be great to see more of that on social media too?

Are you someone who wears their crocheted creations or do you know someone who does? If yes and you happen to be on Instagram (or any other hashtaggable social media), I would like to invite you to share more of your photos wearing your favourite crocheted items. Please make sure to use #streetstylecrochet hashtag, so every time I post another pic of mine, I could see yours too. And feel free to people-tag me @yuliyamsweaver so I don’t miss your post.

Let’s indulge in some crochet narcissism and show our best wearable crochet to the world!

Your outfit does not need to be “fashionable”. Not in the true “cutting-edge” meaning of the word. It’s all about your personal style, not fashion trends. If it includes a crochet item you made, if you happen to like the said item and are wearing it, show it off!

Neither do your photos need to be perfect. A mobile phone shot (even a selfie!) is perfectly fine:

wearable crochet #streetstylecrochet

As long as the crochet object you are wearing is more visible than the £20 cleanser advertisement you are standing next to,


and you are not annoying other people by blocking their way,


and are somewhat visible in the photo,


and are somewhere in the photo, in the first place,


your photo is perfectly Instagrammable, however cheesy your smile is, since that is completely justified by the pride of wearing something you made yourself and feel good in!

wearable crochet #streetstylecrochet

My special thanks to my dear crochet friend Adele for helping me to brainstorm the idea!

9 thoughts on “Showcase Your Wearable Crochet with #streetstylecrochet!

  1. Yeah!!!!! Very very proud of you on this one! 🙂 I think it’s a brilliant idea! And so very very touched about the little mention at the end! 🙂

    Instagram, #streetstylecrochet is coming!!!!

    (sorry about all the !!!!!! But I don’t know how to share my enthusiasm otherwise… ;-))

    1. I am glad you’ve read it to the very end! I keep wondering if anyone ever makes it through all of my ramblings! 🙂
      I will be looking forward to seeing you under this hashtag!

  2. Love this post!! Love your designs and style especially love the cheesey smile and hilarious pics!!! I really enjoy reading your posts. looking forward to seeing lots more wearable gorgeous street style crochet and maybe I will try to take some of my own.

    1. Thanks so much, Maria Elena! My husband and I have been practicing our “mobile photography”, which turned out to be harder than we had thought, so most of the pics turned out that way. 🙂

      I will be looking forward to seeing your street style crochet!

  3. Great idea! I have just started with Instagram and have posted a thing or two that I have crochet but it’s not actually me wearing it, lol! I will have to do that since I wear my crochet items all the time!

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