Adding New Twist on an Old Look with a Sleeveless Crochet Top

One of the benefits of making a piece of clothing in your favourite colour is that you probably will find a fair number of items in your wardrobe with which to combine it and get a good wear out of it. Moreover, it may actually compliment some of your existing outfit formulae so you can easily give a new twist to an old look.

Remember this grey combo I showed you? My newly crocheted top  blends in perfectly and transitions this outfit into a colder season. It adds that extra layer of warmth on a day when the sun is still there but is no longer as affectionate:


The nearly perfect colour match between the blouse and the top was completely accidental but not so surprising considering the proportion of grey clothing in my wardrobe:


Here is the back (let’s ignore the bird’s nest on my head!):



More grey outfits to follow!

P.S. Yes, keeping my hands in my pockets in the photos is essential as not only does it make me look poised and cool, but it also diverts attention from the nails in urgent need of a manicure.

P.P.S. I have shared this blog post on a wonderful fashion blog by Catherine Summers #SaturdayShareLinkUp, and a lovely and cute crochet blog by Annemarie Benthem.

8 thoughts on “Adding New Twist on an Old Look with a Sleeveless Crochet Top

  1. Haha! Had you not mentioned “the bird’s nest”, I wouldn’t have noticed… and I think you could have got away with the nail at this distance! 😉

    More seriously, I think you’re right: making your own garments and accessories allows you to maintain or at least introduce a coherence to your wardrobe, in terms of colour or texture.

    However, it did take some time for me to actually turn my starting point around: when I first started, I chose my yarn based on itself, not in relation to what I was going to wear it with.
    It all started to fall into place when I made my Autumn Waltz, and I really thought of the colours I have in my wardrobe. So in fact, in a way, it started with you! 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks! I am glad my ramblings are of some use!

      And, oh yes, texture is another thing that would be interesting to explore!

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