Grey is the New Black

“What’s your favourite colour?” is a question I am asked frequently and one I always get tripped up by producing flavourless answers, something along the lines “it depends”. As truth be told, I don’t really have a favourite colour.

I remember liking black. Not sure that was so much prompted by the mysterious magnetism of this colour, as by the fact that it was the most practical choice for the humble wardrobe of a young lady coming of age in the post-breakup Soviet Union.

I also remember getting very much fed up with it at one point and effectively banning it from my wardrobe.  That was the time when I welcomed lots of “happy” colours to take its place, while blatantly disregarding any colour theories or common sense, for that matter. A moss green coat, a canary yellow top with polka dots, and (brace yourselves!) a scarlet red suit were among the newcomers. Not that there is anything wrong with those colours, of course, but looking back at some of my old photos, they don’t appear to be that wise of a choice.

Then there was a time when sartorial dilemmas were not at the top of my priority list and I did not get too preoccupied with my colour choices. Gradually and without much conscious effort, I settled into the “grey area” with most of my clothing being of some shade of grey. This was when I finally realised that grey is, in fact, my new black! The ultimate “anything-goes-well-with-it” kind of colour.



Today I happen to think it looks rather good on me if I may say so myself. Not too stark or “contrasty” to overpower my natural “neutrality”, but dramatic enough to make a statement. There is something wonderfully refined about it. It amazes me how easy it makes playing “posh” and achieving that kind of a chic, yet effortless look.

Or it could be that I feel good in it, and therefore enjoy wearing it and, as a result, believe that I look good doing so. In any case, even if in actual reality it gives me the complexion of a London underground rat, it does not matter. I love it!

So there you go, grey is my favourite colour! Well, at least for now. Then, maybe in five years’ time when I reach peak grey, I will dig out my scarlet red suit.

Do you have a favourite colour?

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