Dear Single Crochet

Dear Single Crochet,

Ever since I graduated from making baby booties and moved to “grown-up” crochet design, I completely forgot you. Seduced by the exotic and trendy world of Tunisian crochet, I found you too simple, and not in the classy Tunisian simple stitch kind of way. You were too fat, too unrefined, too uncool. I thought you were not worthy of my time and I was a mean designer for never considering you.



Five years later, older and wiser, I now realise I was wrong about you! You are laid-back, stress-free and so incredibly easy to shape! I love those pearly little bumps you create when you are worked on the wrong side. And I don’t even mind the unshaven rough edge created by the turning chains – those are rather cool and give you that “bad boy” look!

So let me apologise for all those years I completely ignored you. I seriously think we can create something good together.

Can we be friends again?

Yours forever,

Ms Weaver


8 thoughts on “Dear Single Crochet

  1. This is such a lovely love letter to one of the most unexploited crochet stitches. I totally agree with and relate to your newfound inclination towards it. And I imagine it will soon be featured in a fabulous new pattern… Can’t wait! 🙂

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