New Wardrobe Additions 2

Continuing from my previous “show off” post, here is my Summer 2016 garment #2:


With t-shirts being a major staple in my wardrobe, I wanted to create something more “special” to wear over them to make my usual t-shirt+chinos/jeans outfit a little less boring.

Back buttoning seems to be “the thing” this Spring/Summer 2016 season with some taking it to a whole new level, wearing their shirts backwards! And I have got to say, as anarchistic as it looks, I do find this trend rather cool.

While I don’t quite have the guts to wear my shirts backwards, nor do I believe it to be a practical option, I do like the idea of back-buttoning. So my answer to this trend, as well as to my t-shirt fancy-up challenge, is a sleeveless top buttoned on the back, which I can wear over a t-shirt (or even a cami top on a braver day) and leave it unbuttoned as far up as I want without it looking like an accident I had no time to fix.



Have you noticed this “backwards” trend? What do you think of it?

10 thoughts on “New Wardrobe Additions 2

  1. I like this idea very much : it’s a very nice twist on the traditional sleeveless or short-sleeved cardi… It’s dressy enough that it can help class up a plain skirt and t-shirt… but not too much so, that you can wear it every day. 🙂 Not to mention the lovely stitch pattern. 🙂 And the fact it can be made for all seasons. 🙂 Congrats to you, MsWeaver : I’m sure this is another winning number! 🙂

  2. I love the stitch pattern of this piece, like Adele said, dressy but not so dressy that it can’t be worn every day. I also like that it is super versatile: buttoned, unbuttoned, it could even be worn backwards! I really appreciate that you make garment patterns even though they must be longer and much more tedious than say, a shawl. Great work! I hope you keep adding to your wardrobe 😉!

  3. Oh so cute! I can see wearing this with jeans and a black t-shirt! I personally haven’t seen this fashion trend, but I really can’t say that I follow the trends! I love it!

  4. I just love it. I love the whole idea of dressing up your tshirt with a beautiful hand made garment. I’m in love with the buttons so chic! Your style is fantastic. You are inspiring.

    1. Thank you for such lovely compliments, Maria Elena! I am quite excited about the idea of a crochet wardrobe!

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