Planning Autumn/Winter Crochet Wardrobe

These past couple of weeks have been my “planning” weeks as I pondered over my Autumn/Winter 2016 crochet wardrobe. Here are a few highlights to give you an idea of where I am heading this crafty season.


Colour: Grey

In light of the last week’s post, it occurred to me that there was not enough grey in my wardrobe (currently at about 50%) and I decided to up the numbers. So, yes, the stuff will definitely be grey.

Category/Style: Vest/Poncho

Style-wise, I am thinking easy, autumn-friendly pieces with plenty of layering potential. Something chic, yet relaxed enough to wear every day while braving the elements on the way to my daughter’s school. Something which would go well with beloved denim and could be thrown over anything (and this anything doesn’t have to be perfectly ironed).

Design Element: Turtleneck

As the weather is getting nippy, my Russian cold-battling, heat-breaks-no-bones core urges me to cover my neck, and while a woollen scarf right now would feel a bit extreme, a turtleneck would be just perfect.

Fibre: Merino

Apart from being warm and season appropriate, the fabric needs to be soft against my skin (largely dictated by the “Turtleneck” point above), so merino it is.

Stitch Pattern: Single Crochet

I did tell you about my new best friend, which could also be such a wonderful canvas for all sorts of post-stitch shenanigans!


That’s it for now, but I promise to be back with more updates!

Are you planning/working on any crochet clothing this autumn?

12 thoughts on “Planning Autumn/Winter Crochet Wardrobe

  1. Ohhhhh! I like those! Especially the second one! I was always one to say “Who made tights pants?” but must admit that I have taken a liking to them. However, for work I need some sort of tunic to wear them with and the second would look fabulous!

    1. The first one is coming along nicely, so I will be starting the second one soon. Minus the cables, it should be as mindless as the first one.

  2. Lovely!!!!
    As you know, being a huuuuuuuge grey fan, I cannot disagree with you: can one really have enough grey?
    As for your current design developments, wow! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

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