New Wardrobe Additions

I have been a very busy bee these past few weeks for a number of reasons, the biggest being the lastminutedotcom syndrome from which I have been suffering for most of my life. I do, however, have a couple of news I would love to share.

The first one is that I now have a new item in my wardrobe worth mentioning. My recent wardrobe reorganisation revealed a huge gaping hole: I did not have a single skirt! This has now been fixed and I am a proud owner of this lovely pleated number:
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Is Your Crochet Fabric Garment-Worthy?

Crochet fabric is exceptionally versatile and can serve so many purposes. From sturdy jewellery to squishy afghans, to gossamer shawls. Not every kind, however, lends itself to a beautiful garment, and a pair of shorts you created out of granny squares, which you loved so much in an afghan, may not be as wearable as you hoped.
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